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Our busy modern lives have led us to a state of melancholy, increasing the distance between our hopes and dreams. And with the fear of being socially rejected, finding a person to share our most profound burdens with can be quite a difficult task.

Online tarot reading sites offer people a whole new possibility to share their problems without the fear of being judged or rejected. Experienced readers selflessly offer their guidance to anyone in need. And while some people can be skeptical at first, hearing that your life serves a purpose and that there’s a solution to every issue can be more than enough for you to regain your hopes and dreams.

If the thought of online guidance sounds appealing to you, we’ve carefully put together a list of some of the best tarot reading sites that will help you regain your life enthusiasm. Best Tarot Reading Sites Purple Garden: Overall Best Tarot Reading Online Services; Editor’s Pick Kasamba: Most Popular Fortune telling Website For Spiritual Reading Keen: Trusted Psychic Services For Accurate tarot card readings AskNow: Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites Through Phone Calls & Live Chats Oranum: Recommended Tarot Card Reading Service; Customer’s Choice #1 Purple Garden: Overall Best Tarot Reading Online Services; Editor’s Pick

Purple Garden may be a psychic site that practises tarot readings. It has been voted the foremost accurate. Our one of a kind list of psychic advisors who have been voted the foremost precise in their direct and help by our clients. Individuals like you looked into and voted for these specialists who are prepared to illuminate, rouse, and enable you. Cherish readings, mediumship, tarot cards, career directing, and other administrations are given by our high-accuracy specialists. Purple Plant offers its buyers an all-time top-ranked lineup of master psychic advisors, all of whom have been attempted, assessed, and appraised by tens of thousands of individuals over a long period of time. Ask them any and all of your squeezing questions, and you’ll get unused points of view and distance better;a much better;a higher;a stronger; an improved understanding.

The psychic profiles show up to have the most noteworthy validity over the location and app. You’ll see when they began, how numerous readings they’ve completed, and their by and large star rating. Numerous of the psychics on the stage have given thousands of readings and still have a tall normal rating, which gave me extra certainty within the app and site’s credibility. Psychic perusers can be found in plenitude in Purple Plant. It’s comparable to a huge registry of advisors, and there are continuously a huge number of them accessible to engage with online. You’ll have parts of possibilities on the off chance that you have got the time and appreciate the method of interfacing with a one of a kind psychic.

Pros: Readings on video Psychic conversation The user interface is simple and straightforward. reputable business Profiles with useful information a diverse group of readers A wide variety of reading styles are available.

Cons: There are no free reads available. There is no psychic blog or information available. There might be a way to provide a better consumer guarantee.

Purple garden may be a colourful and well-designed portable phone app that’s well worth considering in the event that you need a colourful and well-designed versatile phone app. Besides, they show up to function in a reasonable and reliable way. They’ve worked difficult to form, reaching their psychics and using their app as direct as possible. Those who esteem comfort and reasonableness will like Purple Plant. Fair be mindful of how basic it is to use. #2. Kasamba: Most Popular Fortune telling Website For Spiritual Reading

Kasamba has been one of the best and most accurate astrology sites since 1999. It features a vast network of experienced and gifted psychics and offers a couple of options if you want to experience tarot reading for free.

Kasamba’s experienced psychic advisers have helped many people regain their hope and find their purpose. This tarot reading service has one of the largest fan bases, with over 3 million satisfied customers who’ve experienced life-changing sessions.

Apart from its tarot reading service, this website also provides users with their dose of daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes. Features Free daily tarot reading

To help customers get a better understanding of what they can expect from tarot reading, Kasamba features a free daily tarot reading app on their website. The app is very straightforward to use; you simply click on the deck to shuffle it, pick out a card, and get to read your results instantly.

Their daily tarot reading will provide you with essential insights that will guide you throughout the day and help you make decisions accordingly. Free 3 card tarot reading (past, present, future)

Another convenient feature that will further introduce you to the tarot reading world is Kasamba’s 3 card tarot reading app. It works very similarly to the daily tarot reading app, with the only difference being periodical reading.

You have to choose three cards, and each of them will give you a reading that refers to your past, present and future accordingly. The first card should help you understand how you got into the situation that you’re currently in. The second card is a reflection on your current situation. And the third card will provide you with insights on how to overcome your current situation. Pros Free features Full refund if you’re not satisfied with your first reading Psychics are available through live chat or phone calls Featured rating and reviews for all psychics Available as a mobile app Cons Psychics are not available for video calls, which can be inappropriate when it comes to tarot readings Why do we recommend Kasamba?

Kasamba is our favorite tarot reading website for many reasons. They have acquired one of the most sizable psychic communities we were able to find online. And among the numberless available readers, many have an impeccable 5-star rating.

Apart from their experienced psychics, Kasamba is also very considerate to their novice customers. If you’re new to tarot readings, their free features will help you get a better understanding of the whole process without making any commitments.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kasamba #3. Keen: Trusted Psychic Services For Accurate tarot card readings

Our second-best tarot reading website is definitely Keen. With over 1700 advisors, this website features one of the best communities of psychic readers. Keen’s mediums are readily available through its simple website, allowing you to find your match within a couple of minutes.

Keen’s tarot readers will offer your guidance regarding your love, spiritual, financial, social, and other life questions. If you’re a bit shy and uncomfortable regarding your first tarot reading, Keen’s psychics offer you the convenience of email tarot reading. In addition to this, you can choose from live chat, phone call, or video call sessions. Features Get Matched

Get matched is Keen’s feature that will help you find your perfect psychic. If you’re particularly indecisive, simply let Keen’s experience help you on your way. All you have to do is answer a couple of questions and let the magic do the rest. Great deals for new customers

New customers are offered great deals to help them get started with tarot readings. If you’re a newcomer, you can choose from two options based on the time you’re interested in spending on your first session.

If you’re looking for a short session to merely find out if tarot reading is the right choice for you, or simply want to find out if you’re likely to connect to a particular psychic, their free 3-minute deal is the right choice for you.

But, if you’re certain and committed to taking out an extended session, their $1.99 10-minute offer could be a much better option. This great offer is also eligible for a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The slightly longer session will help you establish a more profound connection with the psychic. Pros Affordable prices Mobile-friendly platform Free 3 minutes Daily horoscope Psychic status and ratings are conveniently displayed Available via email, chat, or phone and video calls Cons The satisfaction guarantee offers Keen credit as an alternative to cash refunds Why do we recommend Keen?

The main reason we’ve listed Keen as one of the best online tarot reading sites is the excellent care they take in delivering the best possible customer experiences. Their devoted psychics offer customers great assistance, and a helping hand to each customer that comes their way. This resulted in many life-changing sessions that users have found to be eye-opening.

Their devotion to customer satisfaction goes beyond the reading experiences, as Keen has put a lot of effort into making the platform as straightforward as possible. You can easily navigate through the different aspects of psychic readings they offer and find your perfect match on the website.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Keen #4. AskNow: Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites Through Phone Calls & Live Chats

Another great tarot reading website on our list is AskNow. Founded in 2004, AskNow features reliable readers that are rated after every session. Based on that rating, AskNow carefully picks out top-rated psychics and features them in their psychic spotlight, making it an excellent option for all indecisive customers.

The excellent user interface of this website helps even the pickiest of users to find a psychic match in no time. You can quickly scroll down through the wide network of gifted readers and decide based on their experience, rating, specialization, and rates. AskNow allows you to choose between a tarot reading performed through a phone call, online chat or video call. Features Video tutorials

If you’re new to tarot reading and don’t quite know what to expect, AskNow features excellent video tutorials that will help you get started. Their tutorials will walk you through the whole process of psychic readings and give you a few tips on getting the best out of your session. After watching, you will have a better idea of why, when, and how often you should seek psychic guidance. Online chat

Another convenient feature available on AskNow’s website is the online chat. With this feature, you can easily navigate through some of the best tarot readers that are available and start chatting immediately. Apart from offering new customers a slightly more convenient alternative to talking, this feature is an excellent option if you’re in need of instant guidance. Relevant articles

Apart from the guidance AskNow offers through tarot and other psychic readings, another excellent option for anyone that’s stuck with a lot of uncertainties in life is AskNow’s article section. In there, you can find a lot of relevant articles on countless life-related questions, and most likely, a couple of answers to some of your own. Pros Bilingual support with tarot readers available in English and Spanish Great introductory offers Engaging articles available 100% satisfaction guarantee Cons Tarot readings are conducted through live chat or phone calls; video calls are not available Why do we recommend AskNow?

Apart from featuring one of the best psychic communities, the other main reason we strongly recommend AskNow is its customer satisfaction policy. It shows that the network is genuinely confident in the quality of the readers but also demonstrates excellent care for its customers. Guaranteeing the quality of every session makes this website a perfect option for everyone looking to enter the world of tarot reading.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of AskNow #5. Oranum: Recommended Tarot Card Reading Service; Customer’s Choice

Oranum is another tarot reading website that features some of the most diversified readers. This well-known psychic network has taken the internet by storm by acquiring worldwide experienced tarot readers.

With the diversified offer, customers have endless possibilities when it comes to fields of expertise as well as language support. Almost every reader is proficient in English, but many also offer the convenience of performing a tarot reading in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian and Chinese. Features Free chat with your favorite tarot reader

By taking excellent care of new-coming customers, Oranum offers new users the chance to perform a tarot session free of charge. This is a superb feature as it provides new customers with an insight into what they can expect of a tarot session and a chance to get to know their readers without making a commitment or spending any money. Free attendance on live videos

Apart from the free chat feature as an excellent way for new users to experience tarot upfront, Oranum also offers free attendance on live videos. This feature presents you with a great chance to watch a tarot reading session from the first row. After the session is finished, you can even ask relevant questions and get an even deeper understanding of tarot readings. Live chat support

If you’re experiencing any issues or simply have a couple of uncertainties regarding tarot, Oranum’s support services are here for your help. You can easily contact them through live chat, and they will provide you with an answer in no time. Pros Free and anonymous attendance of live videos where you can also ask relevant questions Oranum credit is granted upon registration A lot of free content, including both blog posts and video blogs Mobile-friendly app Cons Online psychics aren’t available for chat or phone call sessions Why do we recommend Oranum?

We’ve come to significantly appreciate Oranum as one of the best websites for people that are looking to experience their very first tarot reading session. Oranum takes excellent care of newcoming customers, and allows them access to live sessions and chats where they can truly observe and get involved in a tarot reading session without having to pay immediately. Apart from the chance to get involved in real-time sessions or chats, you can also view archived sessions that will help you prepare for the first session at your convenience.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Oranum A Detailed Guide to Tarot Cards and Spreads

If you’re anticipating your very first tarot session, a better understanding of the different cards and spreads can benefit you. Tarot cards

With the popularization of tarot readings, tarot decks have become available in countless different deck designs. The internet is flooded with endless possibilities, from professional decks including The Rider Tarot Deck, The Black Power Tarot and Light Seer’s Tarot, to childish decks featuring some of the best-known cartoon characters.

But regardless of the deck type, all standard decks consist of 78 tarot cards, divided into two groups–the major arcana, composed of 22 cards or trumps, and the minor asana, with 56 cards. Major Arcana

The Major Arcana or Trump Cards are divided into three sections based on their meanings. If a Trump card appears in your reading, you should reflect on the life lessons that you’re currently experiencing and learning. Cards from 0 to 7 usually represent early life, youth or beginnings. The Magician, for instance, represents the building blocks of our being, or the first building block of a new project. The Lovers and Chariot cards display our transition into adulthood and learnings. Cards 8 to 14 represent the mastery of hard life lessons. These teach us about high ideals and give us a clear vision of life. The last 7 Major Arcanas represent the path to wisdom and maturity. They are here to teach us how to pause and reflect, constrain from having too much, and guide us to the path of success.

A tarot reading made out of primarily Major Arcana cards means that you’re currently experiencing life-changing events that will affect your life in the long term. On the other hand, if many of the Major Arcanas are reversed, it means that you’re not paying enough attention to important life lessons. Minor Arcana

Given by the name, Minor Arcana cards represent aspects and activities that have a minor or short-term impact on your life. It will provide you with a better understanding of your daily life and how your daily decisions and actions affect you. A Minor Arcana will show you the critical situation you’re currently dealing with.

These 56 cards are divided into four Tarot Suits containing 10 numbered cards and 4 court cards (Page, Knight, Queen, and King). Suit of Cups–The Suit of Cups refers to your feelings, emotions, intuition, and creativity. These cards often appear in readings related to your love life or other relationship-related readings. Suit of Pentacles–The Pentacles cards appeal to your finances and work issues. These cards appear in career and financial readings. Suit of Swords–The cards from the Suit of Swords represent your deepest thoughts, words and actions. These appear in readings regarding business ideas, decision-making processes, and assortments of your power. Suit of Wands–The Suit of Wands speaks of your energy, motivation, passion, and willpower. They usually appear in readings about life purpose, spirituality, and new ideas.

If your Tarot reading consists of mostly Minor Arcanas, it means that you’re dealing with day-to-day issues that might not have a significant impact on your life in the long term. You can easily overcome these issues if you take the opportunity and learn from your experiences. Tarot spread types

Distinguishing different tarot spreads can be crucial if you want to get into tarot. By understanding the different types of readings you can get, it will be easier for you to establish the direction of the session and prepare some questions and concerns that you would like to cover during the reading. One card tarot spreads

One card tarot spreads are most convenient for beginners looking to enter the tarot world, and offer a quick insight anytime you need it. As the name suggests, these spreads are designed in a way that every card has a profound and in-depth meaning.

One card tarot spreads are usually used for daily readings. They can help you get answers to specific questions. “What do I need to know today?” “What strength can I call upon today?” “What would get me into alignment today?” “Where can I be of service today?” Three card tarot spreads

Another excellent way for inexperienced users to make an entrance into tarot reading is a three-card tarot spread. They’re pretty simple, but not as straightforward as one-card spreads and offer a piece of more profound information.

These spreads have more specific usages, and based on the purpose, they can easily be divided into a couple of categories. General three-card tarot speeds–each card represents the past, present, and future accordingly. Three-card tarot spreads for love and relationships–each card represents you, the other person, and the relationship accordingly. Three-card tarot spreads for self-discovery–each card represents your mind, body, and spirit accordingly. Three-card tarot spreads for solving conflicts–each card represents the situation you’re in, your obstacle, and advice on how to overcome it accordingly. Five card tarot spreads

Even though three card tarot spreads offer plenty of information, five-card spreads extend this knowledge and help answer the ‘why’ to your question.

Generally, there are two types in which five-card tarot spreads can be formatted: Cross formation

This formation extends the three-card tarot spread. It got its name from the way the cards are spread out into a cross. The horizontal cards represent the past, present, and future, while the above card represents the core reason for your circumstances, and the bellow represents the potential of the situation. Rectangle formation

The rectangle formation is used to explore a theme and its variations. The first four cards are variations that are placed in a rectangle form. They represent your present situation, influences, challenges, and final outcome. The last pulled card is the theme card which is placed in the center of the other four cards.

Many tarot readers mostly put the main focus on the theme card. Still, the surrounding cards are also very important as they can portray your fears, desires, conflict, another person’s perspective, a tool to use, or a lesson to be learned. Tarot spreads for a focused question

Even though it is not a common practice to ask particular and focused questions to your psychic, some experienced tarot readers can even answer very specific questions by interpreting the cards in relation to your inquiry.

There are a couple of tarot spreads for focused questions. Yes or no tarot spreads

Yes or no tarot spreads are the most straightforward type, which is the main reason why experienced readers find them to be very redundant and unappealing. But if you’re looking for a fun way to get a couple of answers quickly, yes or no spreads are an excellent shot for beginners. Each of these cards comes down to a simple yes, no or maybe answer, and can be quickly learned and comprehended. Celtic cross tarot spreads

The Celtic cross is a ten-card tarot spread that can provide answers to focused questions as well as more general information on a topic. The first of the ten cards is the main one and represents the theme. It is followed by a primary obstacle or a challenge that crosses out the theme. The theme and the barrier are followed by cards representing the subconscious, past, future, near future, internal influences, external influences, hopes, or fears, and end up with the most probable outcome. Tarot spreads for mental healing

These tarot spreads are based on Jungian psychology and are used to discover more about your psychological projections or the attributes you criticize in others and not yourself. Mental-healing tarot spreads utilize five cards that should help you answer several questions. “What do I see in others that I can’t see in myself?” “Why am I projecting this?” “How can I reclaim this projection?” “What happens when I release the pattern?” “What will I gain by reclaiming this projection?” FAQs Regarding Psychics Online Q1. How should I prepare for a tarot reading?

Anticipating your first tarot reading can make you nervous if you don’t know what to ask or what to expect. But if you establish a positive mindset, your tarot reading session will be a profound and enlightening experience.

To help yourself get into the mood, you can light up a candle, get your favorite essential oil and even arrange your surroundings with things that help you relax. You can do literally anything that will help you ease your mind and find your focus. Once you’ve reached a state of tranquility, the tarot session can begin and run smoothly. Q2. What should I ask during the tarot reading session?

To make the most out of your tarot reading, consider preparing a couple of questions upfront. Think about all the things that are bothering you at the moment and write them down. This will save you some time (and money) during tarot reading, and help assure you don’t forget to mention some important issues.

Don’t go into great depths with your specific questions, as the reader might not be able to answer them to your desired detail. Instead, focus on more general questions that will give your psychic the possibility to make a better analysis of your profile. Still, if you’re interested in asking more focused and yes-or-no questions, you should extend your search and look for experienced psychics who excel at that type of reading. Q3. What are the advantages of online tarot reading sites?

With the internet offering endless possibilities, the many perks of tarot reading sites have dominated over the traditional Tarot.

With online tarot reading sites, you can quickly navigate your way through a large number of gifted professionals. And if you happen to choose a psychic that fails to connect to you spiritually, most tarot sites will offer you a refund.

Instead of preparing for an in-person reading session, online reading allows you to experience tarot reading in the comfort of your home. This can be less stressful and help you embrace the process with a lot more confidence.

Many websites offer email, live chat, phone, or video call readings. This means that even the most anxious and reserved customers can enjoy a tarot reading without the added stress of in-person readings. Conclusion: List Of Accurate Tarot Card reading Online Site

Tarot readings and psychics, in general, are often viewed with a hefty dose of disbelief. However, trying out new things is the only way to add some excitement to your life, even if you’re skeptical at first. Apart from the age-old dilemma of whether tarot readings are legit or not, most people only need some good news and guidance to get them through life.

So if you’re stuck in a state of uncertainty and simply need someone to guide you on your path, we suggest that you try some of the online tarot readings we’ve reviewed. They might change your life.

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