Florida Keys Hotel Offers an Underwater Library of Waterproof Reads | Southern Living

2022-04-02 08:06:10 By : Ms. Jasmine Pan

There's nothing better than getting lost in a good book while on vacation—especially when you're relaxing by a body of water. The only downside is your books don't love the water as much as you do. If you've ever returned from a trip with a stack of books that are a little worse for the wear—we're talking warped, stained, dog-eared, and fanned out like an accordion—we may know the perfect vacation destination for you. 

In Key West, Florida, The Keys Collection hotel group has thought of everything by offering an underwater library for guests of the Gates Hotel and 24° North Hotel. The water-filled tank, located between the two hotels, is stocked with classic novels by all the greats, from Shakespeare and Yeats to Mark Twain. 

The books are constructed with water- and tear-resistant synthetic paper made from polypropylene. Even so, the pages maintain the weight and feel of normal paper, meaning you won't have to sacrifice your beloved page turning or splurge on a waterproof Kindle to have it all. 

Guests of either hotel can snag a book from the aquarium tank-turned-library, and spend a day at the pool without worrying about splotched or waterlogged pages. The best part? When you've gotten sufficiently toasty from laying out in the sun, you can go for a dip in the pool and bring your book, too! Y'all, the future is here, and underwater reading is involved.

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Bonus: The books are immune to the effects of sunscreen, spilled drinks, and sudden tropical rainstorms too! What a feat!